Business and Networking Solutions

The Keel Network LLC has developed quality solutions to meet our clients' business objectives to ensure manageable & stable systems.

We provide a variety of services in order to identify clients needs and solutions that include desktop, computer network and server technology, and connectivity from Local Area Network (LAN) to Wide Area Network (WAN) computer infrastructure.


A wired or wireless LAN, or Local Area Network, connects your home or office computers and allows them to share resources such as files, printers, or other external devices your office may use. If you have multiple computers, you can gain tremendous benefit by networking them. We'll design and construct the perfect network for you, and put your business into high gear.

  1. Network design and implementation
  2. Windows networking
  3. Linux networking
  4. File servers
  5. Print servers
  6. Webservers
  7. Application Servers

Wireless networking

If you are interested in installing a High Speed Wireless Internet Network in your home or office, KeelNet is just what you are looking for. Whether your house is a home office, or you would like the luxury of surfing the web on your patio or by the pool, we have a solution for you.

  1. Wireless access point setup
  2. Wireless routers
  3. Client setup
  4. Wireless encryption setup
  5. Wireless print servers
  6. Wireless Security

Network Troubleshooting / Support / Repair

Are you having problems with your existing network? If your network is down or not functioning as it should, it is difficult for your employees to be productive, which costs your business time and money. We'll come to your office to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix the problems ailing your network.

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